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Healthy Transition Counseling

Affordable Counseling! No Insurance - No Worries Contact Us Today! 

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You can totally do this.

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Click below for an article published in Voyage Houston February 2020 Addition Highlighting HTC! 

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Jacinda Lahrmann, MS. Specializing in Grief and Bereavement 

"Your Mobile Therapist"

Master of Mental Health and Wellness

Certified Belief Therapist

Compassionate, Educated Advisor, Focused, Listener! Houston Native!   
I have an Associate in Business Administration and a Bachelor in General Business from the University of Phoenix. I am a Certified Christian Counselor with the International Christian Institute & Linguistics School and a Board-Certified Belief Therapist with The Therapon Institute! I have obtained a Master of Science in Mental Health and Wellness with an emphasis on Grief and Bereavement from the great Grand Canyon University! I always knew I wanted a career path that would change the lives of people and  I am committed to the well-being of my clients and go above and beyond to meet their needs by seeking full bodied well-being. I have partnerships that I can assist you with while you are on your journey to wellness such as Zumba, Fitness Trainers, Accountability Partners, Weight Loss, and Wellness Massage Therapy.  I search for the greatest good of my clients! Therefore, I am "Your Mobile Therapist" I will work diligently to help my clients find the answers they seek. Since 2013, I have worked with various clients who face unique circumstances in their lives. I am qualified to help you on your healthy healing journey, reach out to me today and let the healing begin!

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Quality Care You Can Count On

    Are you struggling with issues related to grief, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, shame, regret, addictions, or major life changes? There comes a time when we need a little help! A certified professional can help you cope with many of life’s challenges. I service Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. I’d love to help you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery. Life can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting, but I’m here to guide you through any obstacles you may face. My goal is to help you understand where you are and a plan for a healthy healing process. We can do it together!

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What To Expect At Your Visit

Guiding You On the Path of Healthy Healing

My goal is to assist you into a place of wholeness and wellness. You can expect me to listen to you and identify the true issue/ issues that you are facing. Once the issue/ issues are identified we will begin the journey of healing and finally a resolution to how to continue the journey of liberation.

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With You Every Step of the Way

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Individual Counseling Sessions

Mobile Session prices could vary depending on the length of travel.

Services Offered

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Grief/Mourning The Loss of a Loved One/Regret/Major Life Changes/Self-Esteem


Shame/ Relationship Issues

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Flower Arrangement

Relationship Issues/ Pre Marriage Counseling

Let Me Assist Your Mortuary Business with After Care Services. 

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Encouragement in the Face of Grief

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How Can We Enhance the Quality of After Care At Your Funeral Home?

  • Counseling Sessions (Mobile and Virtual Sessions)

  • Headstone Cleaning and Artificial Flower Placements

  • Community Involvement

  • Group Therapy

Call today to inquire about these unique services.

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Accepting New Clients

Hours of Operation

Sunday: 12 pm-5 PM

Mon - Sat: 7:30 AM - 8:30 PM

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What My Clients Are Saying

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Jacinda is truly a jewel! I strongly recommend her for your counseling needs. what I like about her most is she's very kind, considerate, honest and a great listening ear!


It was a healthy healing experience. Easy to talk and express my self in a safe place


I love the help that I am receiving from HTC. My counselor has been a great resource with understanding life transitions and getting to the root of my emotions. I highly recommend coming here.


I was never one to believe in seeking Counseling. Even the years in working in Healthcare I still didn't. Even experiencing death I've always dealt with that on my own. Until ,I was caring for my Aunt. She was not just an Auntie. She was my bestfriend, my mentor, my personal counselor, my supporter, my go to girl and so much more. My family and I took care of her as she battled cancer. I was there the day she passed away. I had never witnessed death. Although she was very sick, I just didn't see her death coming and so quickly. I will never forget speaking with Jacinda and she helped me more than she'll ever know. No matter what we do, No matter who we are, when God calls a loved one home, you have absolutely no control over that day. I struggled with did I do enough or was I there enough. Knowing I gave her my very best and it was just her time to take her rest. I watched her face go from being in pain to being set free from the pain. There was a peace that I knew only God could have given her. I'm grateful for Jacinda not just as a friend but for her taking the time to listen to me and then comfort me. And being the Women of God she is, she took the time and prayed with me. THANK YOU ! Whatever you're going through or dealing with, prayer is the first resort. Then seek some counseling. It will change your life.


I’ve been secretly dealing with a lot of things for so long to the point I made a decision to talk to some one and let it all out. HTC has help me refocus, regroup and most of all learn how to set boundaries and just say “NO”. Thank You HTC for taking the time to help peel back some layers.


I lost my mother unexpectedly .My dad became sick that same year and I lost my dad four years later .A year to one day I lost my brother.. I really felt that God was testing me.. I never did Counseling. I really did have time to grieve.. I thought I was doing well. Then in 2018 I lost my child. That was the turning point for me. I gave up I didn’t want to live anymore life just wasn’t the same.. We as mothers build our lives around our kids. I lived for my kids. I remember asking God was I a good Mother, why my child I have always been a believer, why so young. I was done with God!.. One night I was laying in bed .The pain the anger and the hurt it became too heavy. I called my Pastor he asked if I was ok with him giving Jaycee my number . She called me that night talked to me, prayed with me she stayed on the phone with me as long as I needed her.. I can’t thank her enough for that one night. I really don’t believe Jaycee know how much that one night meant to me.. That night I felt like she was pulling me out of the darkness.. Jaycee is more than a Canceler she became a friend a sister. She reminded me that God still loves me and that I am not alone. That I have two other kids that need me . My son is with God .and that I will see him again.. I'm blessed to have her in my life. God know who to send into your life when you need them. I have no doubt she is a true Women of God! If you are looking for counseling. She is the one for you, Not just a counselor a friend a believer..
Thank you so much my friend.


I highly recommend Jacinda for Christian Counseling. She is experienced and knowledgeable! Since I've been seeing her for counseling she has helped me with anxiety and depression by helping me to put my focus on God and not my issues. She has also motivated me to start working on my goals again. I feel she was truly sent to me by God!


Jacinda has definitely been a great help to me in my time of need. I didn't know what to expect but I walked in distraught and came out hopeful. She has truly been a blessing in helping me sort out my feelings and making actionable steps to move forward in the right direction. She is so easy to talk to, more like a good friend that is an expert in her field. If I could make her my life coach I would! Thank God for Healthy Transition Counseling.


Shoutout to Jacinda Lahrmann who was my very own Iyanla Vanzant in a much needed time in my life! I can truly say she has helped with scratching away the top layer and aided with building the a proper foundation! With her knowledge of the word and Keen sense of patients to just listen at times. She seems to be the glue and tape for all broken things and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone! 


God has a way of moving us where we need to be when we need to be there. Thank you Jacinda for lifting me up today!! Not only in prayer but helping me release those chains that I have been allowing to burden me and my heart! I have a renewed spirit and joy!

Jennifer H.

I wanted to let you know how much your services have helped me. I initially reached out to you because I needed to get help and I am limited on time as I am also a caregiver to my husband who is a stroke survivor. The phone service you provide was God sent! I was a mess when I reached out and you really have brought me to a better place! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ️"


I dealt with deaths coming back from deployment from my grandpa, pets and boyfriend. Talking to Jacinda has really helped me thru this tough time in my life and helped me back on track. Coming back to a home without loved ones and no friends because of this pandemic has put me under a lot of stress. I really was grateful when my friend told me of her services and I enjoy our conversations working out what I'm going thru. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs someone there during this trying time. This pandemic isn't something you have to be alone for.

Schedule a session today and start your healing process.


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